INANIMATEVILLE: a journey into the lives of utensils.

My vision of Inanimateville is based on the concept of anthropomorphism. It conveys unique human characteristics to inanimate objects, specifically utensils. The images of Inanimateville portray humorous attributes. It has a sarcastic attitude towards social issues of gender and race. People should be perceived and not judged. A large part of observing an individual is based upon what they do makes them who they are. Placing these utensils in humanistic situations, and environments visually emphasis's specifically on just that. Not only do utensils play an important role in our everyday lives. They are manmade objects, that in some respects, resemble the human form. Flatware is a vast category ranging from cheese graters to meat tenderizers. They come in different shapes, sizes, materials, textures which are just as diverse as the human race. Essentially all of the elements in the image are hand made. I hand-built these sets using utensils, cardboard, hot glue adhesive, doll clothes and accessories, acrylic paint, and various materials. I wanted the sets to look realistic. However, I arranged some elements to appear out of place to give a sense of the division between Inanimteville and the real world.